Crash Kills one, Injures three others. (Not true Story)

Cameron Postiglione
English 151

A fatal crash occurred last night around 10:15 p.m. at the intersection of 32 and County Line Road. The crash left one person dead, and three others injured. Officer Pete Wodotinski said that apparently what happened was that a SUV ran the red light and broadsided a Mini Cooper. The driver of the Mini Cooper was the only fatality while the three people in the SUV were all injured and taken to Centerville Hospital for treatment.
I later spoke with Sgt. Jack O’Neill who said the DOA who was driving the Mini Cooper has been identified as Garrett Johnson, 28, who was a former marine, and also a husband and father. The driver of the SUV was identified as Bradley Pierce who Sgt. O’Neill says, quote “Bradley Pierce is the son of Porter Pierce, president and owner of Pierce Manufacturing.” Sgt. O’Neill also added that, quote “they found beer cans in the SUV”. This could destroy their reputation especially since all three attend the elite Waugh Prep School in Centerville.

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